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“As parents of a disabled adult daughter everyday activities can be challenging. When it’s time to make the 2 or 3 times a year visit to the dental office you need to prepare her for the sights, sounds and smells that you only experience at the dentist office. For the routine cleaning, and x-rays Dr. Paul was the best fit possible for Andria from day one.  Our first visit she was adamant about not wanting to sit in the dental chair.  Dr. Paul was so accommodating by removing his facial mask, and allowing her to stand the entire visit. He then proceeded to blow up two latex gloves and draw funny faces on them. The first visit she would not even open her mouth.  It required several visits of standing before she felt comfortable to sit in the chair let alone to open her mouth. The first time she did she agreed to only one tooth to be cleaned. It has been about 14 years of dental care from Dr. Paul, and to this day she likes to go and visit, and will sit in the chair for a cleaning.  Unfortunately, ex-rays require her to be sedated, and we’ve done that twice with Dr. Paul and an anesthesiologist.  I think the process is more traumatic for us as parents then for our daughter.  We are so happy Dr. Paul has opened the dental surgery center to accommodate all of his patients that require that special care and consideration that some of us take for granted. His staff has always made Andria feel very welcome, and have always treated her with the utmost respect.”


– Joseph & Karen Parson

Founders of CASA Center

This is the sixth year my son Kar has been under your expert dental care. I would like to take this opportunity to commend your excellent efforts in maintaining Kar’s good dental health.

Our adult son, Kar, requires special dental care because of his disability. General anesthesia at the dentist’s office is essential for him.

We are happy to share our experience with the readers on Dr. Griffith’s website.

  • Dr. Paul Griffith- Not many dentists can treat patients with special needs.  Only a rare few have the wealth of experience and professionalism, immense patience and a great heart that Dr. Paul Griffith has in such patients. Under his expert care in the past six years, our adult son has been fortunate that his dental health has remained to be very good. An important effect is that he can enjoy many healthy food items such as apple, raw vegetables (e.g., broccoli, carrots), sourdough bread, etc.  All these food items, seemingly commonplace in one’s diet, require sharp incisors and strong premolars and molars.  However, these food items can also become an uncomfortable challenge for those with poor dental health.  Dr. Paul Griffith’s care for our son is really special and essential for his continuing healthy diet and culinary enjoyment.


  • Facility- The GCG Surgical Center provides first class amentities and is adjacent to Dr. Paul Griffith’s dental office. You have to see it to appreciate it.


  • Staff- Very professional and friendly.  Our son is always well taken care of.  The office management team, headed by Jackie, is very efficient, pleasant and essential to coordinating appointments, which can require special efforts if general anesthesia is required.


Again, than you so much for taking such good care of Kar.

– Chie C. Poon

Kar Poon’s Father


Believe me when I say that you have not only touched my life in an extraordinarily positive way but you have also touched the lives of the people who are close to me. I want you to know that you have changed my life in a way that myself and many other people in my life never believed would be possible. It has affected my interactions with others as well.  This experience is like being in a fairy tale story.

– Enisha

Very friendly staff. Dr. Griffith helped me relax right away. I learned even more about my teeth. He also was awesome with my 3yr old son.

-Lexie White Strain

Jackie is extremely helpful and professional. Dr. Paul Griffith is the most compassionate, professional and tallest :} dentist I have ever met. He has the gift to work with my daughter who is special needs. My daughter responds to him extremely well. This is something that other 10 dentists could not do with her. Dr. Paul Griffith has the expertise on how to work with special needs kids. He’s the best dentist in Santa Clara County!! He should be nominated by the dentist association.


A peaceful place, the staff seem to be happy working there. You treated Thomas and I very well. I appreciated the kindness You have shown the both of us. Thanks.

-Sue Fergusson